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Powered by a digital framework, local manufacturing infrastructure, and whatt.io intelligent operation platform tools

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We operate our platform in the USA because keeping things close means we can better control our supply chain—and in turn, our quality, service, and footprint.

Redefining Manufacturing for a Sustainable Future

In today's global economy, the reliance on mass production and extensive overseas manufacturing and logistics chains has led to significant environmental degradation. This traditional approach, heavily dependent on virgin materials, has not only exacerbated pollution but also created a cycle of waste, with an alarming 20% of all mass-produced parts ending up unused and contributing to landfill waste.

Moreover, the current system hampers the repair and refurbishment of products due to a lack of accessible, correct information on spare parts, leading to an unnecessary shortening of product lifespans. At whatt.io, we're committed to addressing these challenges by fostering a shift towards local additive production. Our digital platform is at the forefront of this transformation, offering a solution that effectively decouples from the outdated overseas manufacturing model.

By embracing digital product passports (DPP) and enabling a direct connection between physical products and their comprehensive digital lifecycle information, we empower efficient product management, repair, and refurbishment, emphasizing sustainability and accountability.

Our Ecosystem of Certified uFactories

Central to our mission is the cultivation of an ecosystem of certified partners, including uFactories—our term for 3D print farms—and service companies offering local 3D printing solutions. These certified partners are essential to realizing our vision of bringing manufacturing back to America, allowing for the on-demand production of new parts and spare parts.

This network not only supports brand owners in enhancing their product offerings through digital delivery but also contributes to a more sustainable manufacturing landscape.

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Become part of the whatt.io ecosystem and revolutionize local manufacturing

If you operate a 3D print farm and are committed to quality, sustainability, and innovation, we invite you to apply for certification. Certified uFactories enjoy enhanced visibility among brand owners looking for reliable partners for on-demand production of parts and products. We started in Scandinavia and our aim is to grow our certified uFactories in United States and all over the world.

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Learn about certified uFactories

Powered by a digital framework, local manufacturing infrastructure, and whatt.io intelligent operation platform tools

Lostboyslab AB

Lostboyslab AB (Lostboyslab, Sweden): Specializes in innovative 3D printing solutions, offering a wide range of materials and advanced production techniques.

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Sustainable Manufacturing GmbH

Sustainable Manufacturing GmbH (Recozy, Germany): Focused on eco-friendly production methods, Recozy is a leader in sustainable 3D printing.

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Make3D Company Limited

Make3D Company Limited (Make3D, The Gambia): Revolutionizing local manufacturing with cutting-edge 3D printing technologies and a focus on accessibility.

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Plastech (UK): A pioneer in the 3D printing industry, Plastech is dedicated to quality and sustainability in every project.

more info

ReThink Factory

ReThink Factory (Sweden): Emphasizes circular economy principles in 3D printing, turning waste into valuable products.

more info

Certified Materials and Local Production

Integral to our approach is the use of certified materials, ensuring that products manufactured within our ecosystem meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. By focusing on materials like plastic, rubber, carbon fiber-reinforced nylon, and wood fiber parts, we address the needs of industries that are early adopters of additive manufacturing technologies.

Our selection of materials, including partnerships with leading suppliers such as AddNorth and Lostboyslab, is designed to support the conscious brand owner seeking sustainable alternatives.

Eliminating Overseas Manufacturing and Logistics Chains

The whatt.io platform represents a significant leap forward in eliminating the need for overseas manufacturing and logistics chains. Through our innovative MAKE IT functionality, we enable instant product identification, direct access to product information, and on-demand authentication and repair.

This functionality not only streamlines the production process but also ensures that products are manufactured only when needed, drastically reducing waste and promoting a more efficient use of resources.

The Future of Additive Manufacturing

By integrating with existing PLM, PDM, ERP, or PIM systems, whatt.io facilitates seamless adoption and implementation for micro factories and IT consultants.

Our vision extends to the development of technology that supports daily production at 3D print farms, allowing for direct connection to our 3D content database and cloud-based slicing software. This approach is pivotal in advancing the capabilities of additive manufacturing, making it a viable and preferable alternative to traditional production methods.

In conclusion, whatt.io is not just revolutionizing the way products are made and managed; we're leading the charge towards a more sustainable, efficient, and localized manufacturing future. By empowering brand owners and 3D print farms to embrace digital delivery and on-demand production, we're laying the groundwork for a more resilient and environmentally friendly manufacturing ecosystem.